Castiglione Olona: a corner of Renaissance Tuscany in Lombardy

Classe 4 CL a.s. 2020/2021  - con le prof.sse Anna Gamardella ed Elisabetta Merighi

"Castiglione Olona: a corner of Renaissance Tuscany in Lombardy" is a project that was carried out by the 4th CL class of the "Liceo Curie" as part of the PCTO. With this project the students wanted to celebrate the village of Castiglione Olona: a magical place so close to us that we often tend to overlook.

Many documents,books and websites are already dedicated to Castiglione Olona, so the aim was not to trace its history, but to gather general information and add new insights into this extraordinary place.On 28 October 2020, just before closing, the students had the opportunity to visit the village of Castiglione Olona and the Collegiate where they met the curator (Laura Marazzi) and Dario Poretti, general director of the Collegiate.

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